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Key Information for Students

Corporate Responsibilities

We at Ntec believe in being responsible citizens of New Zealand, and it is our commitment to this belief that we also see a need to impart such values to our students. Students are taught the New Zealand way of doing business as well as work culture and ethics.

Environmental Initiative
Graham Falla with Ntec students at Mangemangeroa reserve. Photo courtesy of Matt Bowen (Eastern Courier)Ntec has undertaken to support initiatives in New Zealand to improve the environment. A team of students has been working for 4 hours each week on a reserve about 20 km from the college. The group has been involved in clearing weed trees from the area of native bush and then preparing the land for planting of native trees. In total during the last year, they worked for more than 400 hours. This commitment from Ntec and the students has been of immense benefit to this project. Students were presented with certificates by Graham Falla, member of the Friends of Mangemangeroa committee at the 2010 February Graduation Ceremony to acknowledge their contribution.

Migrants Support Services
Testimonial from Jyoti Parashar, Project Coordinator of Migrants Support Services:
Migrants Support Services, situated in the Onehunga suburb of Auckland, is one of the leading not-for-profit organisations in the country which has been working for migrants and refugees for many years.

We get student volunteers from Ntec on a regular basis. We really appreciate the support Migrants Support Services is getting from Ntec. There are lots of things we are able to manage smoothly because of these students, who help us in organising workshops, office chores, cleaning, gardening and taking phone calls or attending to the visitors to MSS. This volunteer work at MSS, involves students in community service work and also teaches them about important basic day-to-day things like planning and developing a kitchen garden, composting, vermiculture, road safety rules or learning about awareness of environment initiatives in New Zealand.

Diabetes New Zealand
Diabetes New Zealand is a national charity that represents people with diabetes. Ntec students have volunteered at Diabetes NZ Auckland located at Mount Eden, offering their services to help with administrative tasks, such as preparing flyers, letters and mailers. Our students have also been called upon to assist at the society’s events, helping to serve drinks and refreshments. Our students have found the engagements meaningful as they spend time on a worthy cause. Furthermore, through helping out at events, they are able to network and communicate with a wide and diverse range of people.

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation
Blue Dragon logoBlue Dragon Children’s Foundation is an Australian organisation working on the streets of Vietnam to make a lasting change. They help kids get off the streets, into safe homes, and back to school.

Michael with some childrenSince Blue Dragon started in 2003, they have helped over 1100 children to go to school – including street kids, children with disabilities, and trafficked children. Ntec is honoured to be working with Blue Dragon in offering full scholarships to their children for them to study at our colleges, imparting knowledge and skills that will enable them to build their own careers upon their return to Vietnam. Michael Brosowski with some children

If you would like to contribute to this enterprise in any capacity you are welcome to contact Mr. Michael Brosowski, Director, Blue DragonChildren’s Foundation (email: ) or visit for more information. If you are able to provide home stays for the students in New Zealand please let us know.


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